One to one language instruction is the quickest, most efficient way to learn a language. Perfect English NYC is a private tutoring service, offering reasonably priced one to one English/ESL/EFL  lessons in the New York metropolitan area, and online lessons everywhere else. Lessons are for beginners, intermediate, and advanced English language learners.  You can take lessons where and when you would like, and you can start this week.

COVID-19 Coronavirus Update: Due to the worldwide pandemic, all lessons are online. I use Skype for lessons because it is downloadable for free to almost all devices and it is easy to use. I offer all my students a free consultation, which can include a mini-lesson and Skype tutorial if needed.  All lessons are one to one, and we can see and hear each other. The online format allows us to easily share written material, videos, power points, etc. We can speak to each other as naturally as if we were in the same room. While we cannot be together in the same location, we can communicate and learn together at a distance. 

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